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Fluorescent LAMP Compactor & Mercury Vapor Recovery System

Introducing the Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor

Mercury is an essential component of fluorescent lights including 'Green Tip' lamps - therefore these and other types of lamps are considered hazardous waste and must be managed correctly when they are spent and sent for recycling.

PestWest experts in environmental health and safety have developed the revolutionary Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor to redefine spent fluorescent lamp storage & disposal.

The commercial grade, closed-system compacts these lamps and bulbs to a fraction of their original size while completely trapping the poisonous mercury that is present in the vapor. It cuts labor costs, saves money and minimizes waste, plus helps prevent mercury contamination through accidental breakage.

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Be sure to consult with your local agencies that manage solid waste prior to investing in a lamp compactor.

The lamp disposal system optimizes hazardous waste management by reducing the number of required waste pick-ups, significantly reduces storage space and decreases fragile glass lamps breaking that pose a threat to worker safety.

The Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor has saved users 45% and more off their fluorescent lamp recycling costs.

This cost effective and highly efficient drum top waste collection and compacting system for any length tube and most bulbs up to 6" in diameter, while effectively recovering the hazardous mercury vapor.

Fluorescent lamp waste causes more mercury contamination of the environment than any other consumer product. The PestWest Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor is a drum-top waste collection and compacting system to crush and recycle any length and most shapes of fluorescent lamps and HID bulbs, while effectively recovering the hazardous mercury vapors.

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A cost effective, simple to use, nationwide turn-key recycling program and pollution prevention service, designed to recycle smaller quantities of spent fluorescent lamps. Prepaid recycling made simple!

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Millions of lamps can be fed through the Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor before the carbon filter needs to be changed allowing many years of continued service. Many safety features such as an enhanced collection HEPA filter and safe braking motor shut-down, as standard. No breakable plastics here.

This low maintenance drum-top lamp eater is extremely cost effective and manufactured from sturdy metal and stainless steel key components that are rated for handling mercury, unlike some competitive models in the marketplace.

Drum-top crushing is not allowed in every state in the USA. A permit may be required. Consult your local agencies that manage solid waste prior to investing in a lamp compactor. Nationwide waste collection of the drums is also available.

Please call for an update of regulations.